Project Plan

Phase 1

The goal of this phase is to reimplement the full functionality of existing PetShop application using .NET 3.5.
  1. Implement product catalog
    • Create DAL for retrieving product information in LINQ to SQL
    • Create ViewModel framework for client application
    • Create WPF pages for browsing and searching products
  2. Implement shopping cart and wishlist
    • Create customer profile for shopping cart using client-side profile provider
    • Create WPF page for manipulating shopping cart and wishlist
  3. Implement user login and registration
    • Create authentication services using client-side membership provider
    • Create WPF login and registration pages
  4. Implement customer account info
    • Extend customer profile to store account info
    • Create WPF page for managing account info
  5. Implement check out
    • Create transactional service for order processing (via messaging)
    • Create WPF pages for check out wizard

Phase 2

The goal of this phase is to extend the existing application using new features available in .NET 3.5
  1. Refresh the user interface
    • Update user interface with new graphical design (new styles and animations)
    • Localize the user interface to different languages
  2. Implement offline mode for product catalog
    • Use data synchronization to SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
    • Update UI to work in offline mode
  3. Deploy application with ClickOnce or XBAP
    • Update remaining DAL to work in client-server fashion
    • Update application to work in limited security

After finishing these two phases we can look at creating a complementary backend system for customer and inventory management and order processing. This system could be build using the Acropolis and ADO.NET Entity Frameworks if by this time these technologies get mature enough. We can also employ Windows Workflow for order processing.

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